State of Geneva official release of the CHVote 2.0 project

The State of Geneva hereby releases all the public material that have been created during the CHVote 2.0 applications development project. This includes the source code of the applications, the technical documentations, the functional requirements and the release notes.

Although the project has been discontinued, the released material allows any party to build and run an evoting system allowing to complete the whole process for a votation: prepare and start a ballot, cast votes, and finally decrypt the ballot box and get the results. It provides individual and universal verifiability using the security model including independent control components and insiders threats as required by the Federal Chancellery ordinance.

The source code is published under the AGPL v3 licence so that any piece of the work can be reused or studied by any third party having an interest in electronic voting, whether they are academic partners, researchers, students, citizens or any other public or private organization.

Please note that this release is not part of the current electronic voting service. Refer to the released source code and documentation of the CHVote 1.0 system instead.

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